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 Változás: A tagok Alan Henderson kivételével lecserélődtek, és a korábbi lemezek stílusa (Psychedelia), helyett inkább a Punk és a Rock került előtérbe.



Lemez Infó:


Katalógus szám:
Happy Tiger HT 1004  

1.I Keep Singing

2.Lonely Weekends

3.Take a Little Time

4.You Got Me Good

5.Jo Ann
(Knox, Smith)

Them (back)

6.Memphis Lady

7.In the Midnight Hour
(Cropper, Pickett)

8.Nobody Cares
(Duncan, Garrett)

9.I Am Waiting
(Jagger, Richard)

10.Just a Little


Felállás / Line up:

* Alan Henderson - bass

* Jerry Cole - vocals, guitar, drums


* Johnny Stark - vocals, drums

* Ry Codder - guitar

Jack Nitzsche - keyboards

Mark Creamer - guitar, vocals

Original Liner Notes:

Four years ago, before the great influx of rock groups from Britain formally began, Them, under the leadership of their founder, Alan Henderson, took their first trip across the ocean. The first British group to visit America, Them enjoyed a successful run of 17 consecutive nights at the Whiskey A Go Go, which marked the beginning of a long series of firsts and successes.

In 1965, Them transplanted their uniquely-British sound onto our soil once and for all. Their first single release, Baby Please Don't Go, climbed to number two on the national charts. Then came Here Comes The Night, which moved to number one. That hit was followed by Gloria, which was on the charts three separate times. Following Gloria, was another hit, Mystic Eyes. Their appeal on these releases must be attributed to the talents of all four members of Them, but special credit belongs to Alan Henderson, who formed the group, changed it, modified it and improved it over the years.

This is Them's first offering with their producer Ray Ruff, who has produced the group since their inception. This is also the first work Them has released in nearly two years. The delay was necessitated by the departure of Van Morrison from his position as lead vocalist, and the resulting search for just the right replacement. Once again, Henderson's leadership wouldn't allow a compromise in the Them sound, and now everyone is confident, as you will agree when you hear this record, that Them has made an excellent choice in Jerry Cole.

Together, Cole and Henderson have created a sound that is so unique that it must speak for itself; the proof is in the listening, as with all great music. Beginning with the unmistakable British flavor that pervades all of these selections, Alan, Jerry and Ray Ruff have stretched their musical imaginations to the limit. Using instrumental sounds reminiscent of a synthesizer and pushing Jerry Cole's voice from extreme highs to deep lows, the Them sound combines the typical British style with an air of mystery and an atmosphere of excitement that no other group has been able to produce. There can be absolutely no doubt – this album moves from start to finish with an uninhibited, free, wild, charging sound, and it will take anyone within listening range along with it. Them has brought forth an album of songs, unique in both the words (a series of images relevant to today's world) and the sounds (with mythical, mystical, Oriental, African, electronic, and computer rhythms included) – and singular because these diverse elements are integrated and united to create not just another album, but a moving, alive musical experience

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Össz.: 85 452

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